Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Mind the Appearance...

Okay...I'm testing out some new options for the look of my blog.  The new blogger customizable template is really cool, there is a lot you can play around with.  And this was only a half an hour or so that I was tinkering with it last night.  I think there might be a few more changes over the coming week until I find something that is going to fit well. 

Plus I'm hoping to do a bit more blogging and updating as the weeks go by.  Lots of exciting things happening over here in my world,  I just need a few minutes to get then on the page!

Stay tuned!

Sunday, April 25, 2010


I did a lot of sewing this week.  This is what I look like while i'm in the "zone" or at least what I assume I look like this since this photo was highly staged for week 17.



Okay, so I actually missed week 16, but this picture could have very well been taken this week.  I've been working on this project at work for the last few weeks.  And all the work was finally posted on the 12th.  Avatar's world "Pandora" was brought to life at Union Station - and I have to admit it turned out amazing. 

Here I am hugging the giant tree that was installed right inside the station. 


Goofing around on my computer on Saturday morning, while Paul was still in bed.  I got so much done that morning!


Easter weekend, we  had my parents and sister and brother in law down for Sunday brunch/ dinner.  I didn't cook a whole turkey, but like I said to Paul a turkey roll is part of a turkey - so it definitely counts as my first turkey!


Okay, so I know I haven't kept up with my end of the deal of posting once a week.  But I'm not going to dwell lets just move ahead.  

As I told my sister last week, chin up, keep moving.  So i'll catch up with my 52 week photos - which surprisingly minus week 16 (which I made up for) I manage to snap at least one pic of me a week.

Here is week 13 - lounging around at home with pauly watching re-runs/ on demand of Property Virgins. :)