Wednesday, September 22, 2010


... super stressed out about work
... waiting for biore face/nose strips to dry on my face so i can be super pretty for Steph's wedding on Tuesday!


... love that I got two packages in the mail this week!  
... feeling semi-relaxed after having a super hot oatmeal bath
... wishing that the package from sears was what I really ordered (free motion foot), and not some random useless foot for my sewing machine...grrr


... excited for my week off to relax with friends and get some sewing done!
... SOOOO excited for Stephie & Steve's wedding on Tuesday! Can't wait to share their day and see everyone all dolled up and pretty looking
... loving my Pauly and the beautiful Tiffany's necklace he brought home for me from BC last week!
... looking forward to the Milton Fall Fair this weekend, even if it's just Pauly and I going.


... going to watch one (maybe two) episodes of House season 6 then heading to bed
... thinking about how I should get my hair cut tomorrow - short bob? stylish angle bob? 

okay, lame update, but update none the less.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

52:28 - 52:38

52 week catch up! Good thing is i've still been taking weekly pictures, even though I haven't been posting.  And man, I didn't really realize it had been 10 weeks since I'd posted a picture.  Eeek.

Sleeping on the way home from the house on the day we moved everything from Mom and Dad's storage unit.

First ride home on the GoTrain - Feet up and relaxed.

Lego Land @ St. Jacobs Outlet Mall

Attempting to strip paint from the dressers. 

Sarah & Gary's Wedding

Canning Simmer Sauce and Pickles.  Extreme concentration!

Finishing baby Rhett's quilt a week before his arrival!

My first cuddles with sleeping but way so cute nephew - Rhett Cronin.

Elaine & Patrick's Wedding

Sunday night to myself - hot shower, face mask, big brother and a good magazine

Metro Party, Kim and I share a romantic cheesecake on a