Saturday, July 24, 2010

So cool!!

Okay I know I owe a real post and some pictures of the new house, not to mention my 52 week photos for the last few weeks, but look at my cool titles!

Cool eh!  I found this link a while ago and it has great detailed instructions on how to change your title fonts - to anything you want.  It only took me about 20 minutes to get the whole thing set up and I'm so pleased with the outcome.  Now my header is less to be desired and needs some work, but i'll get to that eventually.

I mean i'm still unpacking and should be done a million other things right now (like the hours of work I brought home) but one day of doing nothing is good for your soul ... right?  Beside I actually did accomplish quite a bit today and don't feel the least bit bad that I didn't do any work today.

I do have a lot of work to do tomorrow though - actual work not just things around the house - although I have that too! And I think my sister and brother in-law are coming for dinner.  But i'm hoping to be back with a better update along with lots of photos!

Sunday, July 18, 2010


Moving is a lot of work, so sorry for my lack of posting. (I seriously just wrote packing instead of posting, clearly my head is still in moving mode)

We are at the new house - almost one full week here.  Its starting to feel like home, but to be honest I still look around and feel like we are just "visiting" and we'll have to go back home soon.

I can't write much or post any pic's yet, cause my camera cord is still in a box somewhere.  But hopefully later this week.  I'm actually working on plans tonight instead of relaxing or sleep like I'd much rather be doing.

We had Uncle Barry up for the weekend, and it was definitely a good thing, he motivated us and helped us get so much done around the place.  Then Paul's mom and Steve and grandma and grandpa came down today for a visit.  They bought us a brand new freezer, it was a surprise, cause we thought they were bringing us their old one.  But its great!  We are so excited that we can stock up on stuff now!

Okay i'll post more with pictures this week, but right now I need to motivate myself to get some "work work" done, cause its going to be a very bad week if I don't.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Half a year passed, half a year left to go.

And oh what a first half of 2010 it has been.  This 52 week project has been fun, although I don't think i'm taking advatage of it the way I should be.

I really wanted to increase my photography skills, and so far its a quick picture here and there, and usually on a Sunday night when i've realized "crap I need a photo".  But regardless of what I wanted to be and what it has become - I'm enjoying it.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Priorities? oh well HAPPY CANADA DAY!

Again, quick post aka me procrastinating other things that NEED to be done.

It's Thursday but it feels like Saturday!  I love long weekends!  But this one there is a lot to be done.

First of all I'm still in my jammies un-showered and feel asleep at 10 last night instead of finishing the things on my "wed to do list".  Update Blog was on that list, so technically I'm just catching up!

I'm sure I had important things to write about yesterday, but today my thoughts are we are moving in 12 days - exactly 12 days and when i look around the house there is still stuff everywhere. Look for proof I just went and took a few shots:

Kitchen, spare bedroom, living room, office area.  So much stuff left, and so little time.  We are heading up to Meaford tomorrow afternoon/night to camp with paul's family.  And although we both really want to go and relax a bit.  I definitely think we I might regret not staying home to pack.

But you've gotta make time for fun right.  Cause when it comes down to it I know that i'll get the packing done plus if worse comes to worse, we can make trips back to the apartment to get boxes even after the 12th, we can just make sure the movers move all the big stuff.

Oh in other big news this week, I got myself an iphone! :) It went on sale a few weeks ago, and i've been thinking of getting one to make my commute a little easier.  So, after a long day at work, on a whim I went and got it.  I think Paul is happy that I won't be touching his anymore.  ha ha

Alright, its already quarter after 9, I have an hour to do so much! Gotta run!

ps: Happy Canada Day!  Last year at this time, I was relaxing pool side with these girls:

Wishing we were back there now!  Both of them are on vacation from teaching for the summer as of today. Super jealous I am.