Saturday, April 28, 2012

Finished Dress: The Coffee Date Dress!

Another Finished project for 2012!

Remember this post? Well I had to wait until I was off this week to even start working on my second "test" dress because work has been insane (late late nights and weekend work took over my life for a few weeks).  But luckily I booked this week off knowing that i'd need some time away from that place and a few days to sew before Ange's wedding!
I had all the pieces for the larger pattern size cut out, and after taking all day Monday to do nothing I started sewing on Tuesday and finished it in just a few hours.  This was the first picture I took after finishing the bodice, and the skirt wasn't really attached yet, I just used the belt to hold it up.

The next few shots are horrible, but at least you can see the full dress. 
Front - I still don't know how to stand to show off the clothes and not look like a goof.  
Modifications from my first test dress: I went up two sizes to a 36, the first size 32 was way to small. Turns out I just didn't measure myself properly (aka at all).  I've learned so much in this process about making clothes and proper measurements and fit.

I also included the ruffle on this dress vs. the previous test dress, and I'm really glad I did, it was super easy and I think it just dresses it up a bit more.
Back - this was before I hand sewed the lining down to the zipper.  The pins are now gone and its looking great. 
I still have to hem the bottom of the skirt.  I think I'm going to bring the bottom up to just above my knee. The other change I made from the pattern was to attach a full bodice lining. (vs. just the facings)  This made a huge difference in the look in my opinion.  In the previous test dress the fabric was so thin that you could see the facings which I really didn't like. Plus although I didn't make any size modifications to the bodice, I think having the extra thickness throughout helped with the fit.  It seriously is the perfect fit up top.
Side View 
A close up view with the ruffle, so glad I included it!
So if you remember this was suppose to be a second "test" dress.  I made it out of some cotton broadcloth that I got at Fabricland for I think $20. However I really love the colour, and minus a few minor issues (the ironing job sucked when i did the darts and there is a slight pintuck in the skirt top) its pretty good.  And I've decided that I'll just wear this one to the wedding, instead of making a whole other dress.

That all said - I did still get Paul to drive me down to the workroom this week to look at fabric and patterns, because this dress has made me want to sew even more.  So because it was only Wed and I still had the rest of the week off, I picked up this pattern. 

And some Quilters linen by Robert Kaufman in a yellow (its actually called Ochre) - which I love!  I'm going to do another post with the progress of this dress - which i'm hoping to have finished today - then I'll be able to have two choices for the wedding! 

Only two days of holidays left :(.  And the sewing to-do list is still pretty long.  Its going to be another late night of sewing and i'm just fine with that !

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Spring Top - Shearwater Kaftan

I finished my Spring Top for the Spring Top Sewalong!  Actually I finished it 3 weeks ago before Easter and have wore it several times already.  Life just got in the way (aka: work) and I didn't get it blogged or even uploaded to the flickr site.
But realizing the deadline is tomorrow i'm getting my butt in gear this morning to post.

I LOVE this top.  It turned out almost perfect.  And i'll definitely be wearing it all summer.  Heck I've even been wearing it in the cooler weather with a sweater. It's great for layering and looks good with jeans or shorts and will make a great beach cover up (should we ever go to the beach).

Pattern: Shearwater Kaftan by makeitperfect
Size: X-small
Fabric: Bought on Etsy (after searching for a long time) A very light/ pale gray Gauze
Buttons: for sleeves bought at the Creative Festival from Len's Mill booth

This top went together really easy and fast.  And I don't know why it sat in my closet all cut out but not started for so long.  I really wish I had a real proper serger for the ends now that its finished.  The fabric is so light that its started to fray really bad on the inside even where I used my pinking shears.

I might have to make a trip to The Workroom to use the serger's there this week to finish it up. But overall i'm super happy with this top.  And another finished project for the year!

On to finishing (or starting) my dress for Angela's wedding. (Good thing I have the week off!)

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

I interrupt this sewing update...

... so I can finish reading the last few chapters of this:

I'm obsessed. I finished the first book the weekend the movie came out and I made Paul go and see it with me that night at 11pm.  (I think the book was far better, although part of me wants to run out and see the movie again!)

Then I read the 2nd book in less than a week, and I never do that!  On Sunday soon as I put down book #2 I made Paul drive with me to Indigo to get #3.  (I didn't listen when he just told me to buy all 3 at once)

I'm loving them.  In fact I've been waiting all day to sit and finish the last few chapters but I'm delaying it so I can hold on to the characters just a little bit longer.  Do you very feel super sad when you finish a really good book like you could just keep living through there exciting lives?  

I saw this on pinterest a while ago and its so true about these books.  I'm not even finished yet, and I'm already sad to not know what happens to the rest of their lives. 

Anywho, off I go to bed to finish, cause I just can't wait any longer.  I must know how it all ends. 

But I did finish my top for the Spring Top Sewalong on Saturday (a March finished project).  And I promise to blog about it this week and enter it in the contest!