Monday, June 28, 2010


Getting my hair done.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

So much to do and so little time

I feel like i'm running around in circles.  And yet instead of doing things that really need to get done, i'm updating with a quick post.  Hoping that if I get my thoughts on down, perhaps I'll feel more calm. (likely not)

We are moving in 16 days!! In those 16 days I need to finish packing up our life.  We still have the entire Kitchen to pack, the bedroom, the last bit of my craft room, the rest of the living room and the bathroom.

Basically bits of every room have been started, but nothing is fully done. I can't wait until its all done and we are there. I'm so glad that at this point I don't have an "un-packing" deadline.

Although in the next half hour I still need to:
  • finish eating lunch
  • pack my stuff for a night at michelles
  • get dressed in real clothes
  • tidy the kitchen

Okay. Must. Go. Finish.

ps: I'm excited that Michelle and I (and some of  her neighbor friends) might go to Demetres tonight for cake and ice cream!  That's probably exactly what I need!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Busy Busy Weekend

So busy that I'm posting about it on Tuesday.

I can't remember a weekend where we've tried to fit so much and still felt good on Sunday night, probably because we had yesterday (Monday) off. I suppose it could have also been that we took possession of the house yesterday and the excitement was just too much for us to actually be tired.

Busy weekend started Friday Night with a trip to IKEA for midnight madness.  It was madness.

The lines were crazy, this was taken at ten to twelve.  But we got some good deals that made it worth while for us, which made me glad we went.

Saturday we went to the lawyers office first thing in the morning to sign all the paperwork for the house and get it out of the way. We made a quick stop to Zellers and Kitchen Stuff Plus to pick up a few more things, then home for packing.  There was lots and lots of packing and re-organizing.  And sadly it still looks like we've barely packed a thing!

Saturday night we went to the Science Center with Scott & Krista to check out the Harry Potter exhibit - it was great.  We ended the night at the Mongolia Grill for a great dinner.

On Sunday, we did more packing, grocery shopping, we both took a long nap in the afternoon (we were wiped). Our plans were canceled for dinner, so we had hot dogs and went to see a late movie. Shrek The finale chapter.  It was great. 

Yesterday was the big day.  Lunch with Dave & Erin at their place, it was so great to just sit and relax in the sun and chill out.  Then we got the call that the keys were ready! So we went home loaded up the car, and headed out.  It was so exciting.  

We made another trip to home depot to get paint and other stuff.   By the time we came back to the city (had dinner at Montana's) and went to 2 more Home Depot's looking for the BBQ we wanted, I was exhausted. 

What a weekend! 

Monday, June 21, 2010


Week 26 - we get our house!!!!

Sunday, June 20, 2010


Working Late in my new office, oh so much work, so little time.


Last week of filming for Property Virgins!

Paul, Myself & Sandra during wrap up!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


...dreaming of a new sewing machine after reading this post.
...waiting for dinner to be done (the bf is making taco's)
...thinking the week might get worse before it gets better (in work related areas)
...bumbed that mom isn't coming down anymore to help pack.  1. because she has to have surgery :S and 2. because it means I actually have to start packing myself.
...contemplating all the packing that actually needs to be done. blah.
...wondering what that cocktail was made of at the Flare party tonight - it was very yummy. 
...hoping that we can see our house on Thursday while we are in town
...thinking of what has to be done before we move and what can just wait. (ie. need house insurance immediately and need to schedule movers, everything else can wait)
...hoping that once we move my life will settle down a bit (or at least feel like its settled a bit)
...wondering if I should sort and reduce things we don't really need as we move, or just move everything and deal with it there.

oh so many things on my mind and so little time.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

May Crafty Review

Okay, so even though it was right at the end of the month I still ended up getting sewing done in May. 

We went up to Paul's grandma and grandpa's the last weekend in May because Uncle Barry was up for the Memorial day weekend. He wanted some new curtains for the trailer and a doggy bed cover for Rockets bed.

I wasn't really sure how to do the curtains originally because, the windows/wall are slanted in the area that we wanted new curtains for.  We ended up deciding to use velcro on the wall and curtains and basically just make a big rectangle.  Then its easy to put up and easy to get down.  The velcro wasn't really sticking to the metal in the trailer, although it was very humid, but I think a little super glue and it will be fine.

I had a ruff idea on how to make the doggie bed cover.  There was a basic pattern in one of my sewing magazines.  Grandma and I made a circle pattern and basically just had two big circles and a long rectangle for the middle.  The back has a flat piece, similar to a pillow sham so the bed can just slide in and out. We saw them again this weekend (for Aunt Shirley & Uncle John's Anniversary Party) and Rocket seems to be very happy with his bed.

June is going to be a good sewing month too.  Even though we are getting the house and suppose to be packing up, I've already finished two projects!  I'll wait and post at the end of the month, cause who knows what else I might be able to finish!


I moved into a new group at work a few weeks ago, and they all sit on the 5th floor of our office.  So this week I moved up to join them.  They did some shuffling, and I ended up getting an office.

The office manager told me "don't get to comfortable in here".  I'm actually okay with that for the 2 hours I was in there yesterday afternoon it was very weird. Now there is only the five of us that sit on the 5th floor (the rest is all finance), so its very quiet, although hoping to get a lot more work done.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Happy June 1st Day!

13 years ago I spent 90% of my summer at my grandpa's trailer.  We danced and sang and hung around the camp fire.  I kissed boys I only saw during the summer, ate tons of watermelon, and swam every day.  It was a fantastic summer.

I was 16 and having the time of my life. That summer we had my aunts old video camera and us girls (my sister, and my two cousins) would video tape ourselves dancing around on rainy days to "oldies" music.  We'd laugh and occasionally get into a fight, but it's a summer we will never forget. 

On one particular day that summer my cousin Ange had the video camera and was giving a play-by-play as she video taped around the room.  The camera's date in the corner of the screen said "June 1st".  "Happy June 1st day" she said, and ever since its been our special holiday.  Despite the fact that we've all forgotten since then that the day she saw "June 1st" on the camera wasn't even June 1st it was some random day in July, but we can't remember that random day so we celebrate today. 

Our own specially little holiday to kick of the camping season and a time to remember dancing around, falling off couches, endless laughing and being a kid in the summer. 

This is us at my cousin Sam's wedding a few years ago.  I wish I could find a picture of us from that summer but with all the packing going on around here, that's a lost cause.

Happy June 1st day girls!  Love you!