Monday, November 9, 2009

Quick Note

Just a quick note, cause I feel like I'm letting people myself down by not keeping this blog up.   I've been super sick for the last few weeks.  Before you ask - no I didn't not have H1N1 or any type of the flu.   It started with a regular sinus infection, that because I couldn't take time off work turned into bronchitis and a mild chest infection.  

I'm starting to feel much better though - which is good, cause my holidays start in T-3 days.  I have a hopefully final check up with the doctor in the morning. And hopefully all is cleared up - i'm sick of being sick!

In other news not much crafting has been happening.  I did manage to get most of the big long cabin quilt cut out and hopefully piecing will go really quickly since the entire thing needs to be done and wrapped up by November 21st.

We are heading to Michigan on Friday with Mark and Lisa to visit uncle Barry.  Looking forward to getting away and doing LOTS of shopping.  We are visiting a huge outlet mall and joanne's fabrics - that just happens to be having a big sale! I could come home with a lot more projects if i'm not careful!

Okay, its late, and i'm in a party dress (making sure it still fit for the upcoming wedding we have - its a bit tight, but i think i can still get away with it!) time for bed. 

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