Sunday, July 18, 2010


Moving is a lot of work, so sorry for my lack of posting. (I seriously just wrote packing instead of posting, clearly my head is still in moving mode)

We are at the new house - almost one full week here.  Its starting to feel like home, but to be honest I still look around and feel like we are just "visiting" and we'll have to go back home soon.

I can't write much or post any pic's yet, cause my camera cord is still in a box somewhere.  But hopefully later this week.  I'm actually working on plans tonight instead of relaxing or sleep like I'd much rather be doing.

We had Uncle Barry up for the weekend, and it was definitely a good thing, he motivated us and helped us get so much done around the place.  Then Paul's mom and Steve and grandma and grandpa came down today for a visit.  They bought us a brand new freezer, it was a surprise, cause we thought they were bringing us their old one.  But its great!  We are so excited that we can stock up on stuff now!

Okay i'll post more with pictures this week, but right now I need to motivate myself to get some "work work" done, cause its going to be a very bad week if I don't.

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