Tuesday, April 3, 2012

I interrupt this sewing update...

... so I can finish reading the last few chapters of this:

I'm obsessed. I finished the first book the weekend the movie came out and I made Paul go and see it with me that night at 11pm.  (I think the book was far better, although part of me wants to run out and see the movie again!)

Then I read the 2nd book in less than a week, and I never do that!  On Sunday soon as I put down book #2 I made Paul drive with me to Indigo to get #3.  (I didn't listen when he just told me to buy all 3 at once)

I'm loving them.  In fact I've been waiting all day to sit and finish the last few chapters but I'm delaying it so I can hold on to the characters just a little bit longer.  Do you very feel super sad when you finish a really good book like you could just keep living through there exciting lives?  

I saw this on pinterest a while ago and its so true about these books.  I'm not even finished yet, and I'm already sad to not know what happens to the rest of their lives. 

Anywho, off I go to bed to finish, cause I just can't wait any longer.  I must know how it all ends. 

But I did finish my top for the Spring Top Sewalong on Saturday (a March finished project).  And I promise to blog about it this week and enter it in the contest! 


  1. i just finished the first book tonight!! :D

  2. wait till you read the second - it was my favourite! And the best in my opinion :)