Thursday, January 14, 2010

New Year, New Challenges, New Beginnings

Okay, so its been a month since my last post and its already mid way through January - that doesn't mean I still can't make some goals for the new year - right?!

First off, had a great holiday, lots of traveling, lots of great stuff, lots of sleeping in and relaxing! I even have a few photos to share.

I'm going to challenge myself like last year but this year I'm increasing the stakes. I'm going to try and set 3 challenges: 2 weekly and 1 monthly goal. 
  • Blog something at least once a week (Technically I've already missed the first week, but I understand that I won't always make this goal - I'm okay with that) 
  • 1 Photo of myself (or something around me) each week.  I've been reading a lot more blogs lately, and a lot of people have jumped on the 365 day photo wagon.  I've always wanted to do this, but I know I'd just never be able to commit, however I saw Hazelnuts 52 Friday's Challenge to herself, and thought I could do that!  Although, I'm just going to aim to take one a week, not necessary on a Friday. 
52:1 - Happy New Year

52:2 - New Hat for Tim Cronin Memorial Hockey Tourny

52:3 - Blogging
  • Make 1 crafty thing a month.  This shouldn't be that hard either.  Considering I'd like to make more this year, including more quilts :) I'm going to aim for one more then 2009 - for a total of *at least* four.  Shouldn't be hard with all the babies and weddings we have!  I was going to work on this tonight, but needed some quiet time in front of the computer instead.  I'll work on my project for my knit group swap partner tomorrow/Friday.
So we'll see how 2010 turns out.  So far not so bad, on top of these goals, I've also paid off the remainder of my OSAP loans - woo hoo!  And we are meeting next week with our financial adviser regarding savings for buying a house this year! I think its going to be a good year, with lots of excitement and crafty goodness!

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  1. I paid off my OSAP loans in October -- it's an amazing feeling!

    Happy new year!