Saturday, December 12, 2009

Real Post

Here is my real post, that i was going to right in the placeholder spot, but if I leave it, it just looks like I made an effort to post even more.  Confused yet, lets move on shall we.

What a week.  I'm glad its Friday.  It started off crappy and most of the days stayed that way. But i've been *trying* to think positively and keep my chin up in the evenings. Monday I worked on making button templates and that is always lots of fun for me.  

On Tuesday, despite leaving work later then I had hoped, it was a good night.  Met some new people, had some baked brie and made buttons.  I keep forgetting to take a picture of the finished buttons I'll do that tomorrow. Wed night we had a work dinner at the Canadian Living test kitchens, we learned how to make sponge toffee and it was soo good.

Pauly and I went for dinner and a movie tonight - we deserved it. At least that's what we told ourselves as we were leaving our messy apartment.  We say "Everything's Fine" with Robert DeNiro - it was great and I highly recommend it.  

We don't have any big plans for tomorrow. I'm hoping to get my christmas quilt done - at least pinned and quilted.  I also need to finish paul's mom's gift and my sisters.  And a few secret gifts.  Its going to be a busy day.

ps - It FINALLY snowed here this week - it was a mess on wed - its started as snow, turned to rain, back to snow and then icy.  What a mess, and the winds have been crazy! I just about got blown away.  Two pics for you, one of the snow flurries outside my office window - what a great view I have.  An another one of me, all bundled up to battle the short walk to the subway.  I kinda look like an

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