Monday, February 22, 2010

Accomplished Sunday

After a very busy week, I spent most of yesterday relaxing.  Well actually we spent all afternoon running around, and then I spent the rest of the afternoon/ evening napping. And although I had high hopes of getting lots of sewing done, I spent a lot of time searching things on line and planning out projects.

But I had big plans for today.  I got up at a reasonable hour, cleaned the kitchen, made some banana bread, watched some Olympics, cleaned the kitchen again, did some more looking at websites and projects, cleaned the sewing room. Took a nap, worked on a secret project, watched some more Olympics.  Made dinner, cleaned the kitchen again.  Watched the middle of the Hockey Game, watched the end of Amazing Race, and all of Desperate Housewives and Brothers and Sisters.

I'd say it was a decent day.  Its going to be a busy week ahead.  I NEED to go to knitting on Thursday night, its been week's since I've been there.  And we are planning to have dinner with Mom and Dad on Friday before they leave for Dominican on Saturday.  Then off to Ripley Saturday morning.  And that doesn't even say anything about work. 

A little glimpse of a secret sewing project I'm working on:

I should have gone to bed over an hour ago.  Heading there now. 

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  1. if that's a pic of what i think it is, all i have to say is.... your niiiiiiiiiiiiiice.