Tuesday, February 2, 2010


... watching Rick Mercer on time shifting. (this show always makes me laugh)
... missing her tootsie since he is away at a conference until Friday afternoon.
... just finished dinner since I was working until 9.
... impressed that I even put together a healthy dinner at 9:30pm. (Chicken Cesar Salad - yum!)
... has something in her eye
... cold - its really quite snowy and slushy out.
... thinking of working on my wild thing quilt after the mercer report - maybe.
... wondering if tomorrow will be better at work then today.
... has a very messy kitchen and should probably clean it, but most likely won't tonight.
... waiting for the weekend so I can visit with my girls friends and hang out.

And just cause a think every post need a picture ...a few shots from our trip to the science center this weekend with my sis and sean.  We went to see the Body Works exhibit and it was soo great!  Long day but worth it.

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