Saturday, January 21, 2012

First Finished Project of the Year

Okay I started this post over a week ago.  Luckily I've been more successful at my sewing goals for the year then blogging.

This year, we actually had a lot of time off at Christmas, but we were away for most of it, visiting with family. While we were away I caught a nasty bug (it wouldn't really be Christmas, if my sister, mom or I weren't sick), and I was still feeling like crap when we got home.

So even though we were home with nothing to do for a good 3 days, no real sewing got done.  But I started feeling much better by New Years, and on January 1st & 2nd I dove right into a new project for myself.

My sister got me an Anna Maria Horner Figure 8 Scarf Kit for Christmas, I'd been contemplating buying a kit for a while, just to try out the velveteen and voile to be honest. It's wonderful, my favourite is the velveteen for sure, it's so soft and cozy.  

The project is a quick one (or should be if you read through all the instructions first). Definitely should learn to listen to what the pattern says, like when it says "square up and make sure all sides are even" just do it, don't pretend like you know what your doing.

The fact that I have never sewed with either of these fabrics should have been the first clue that I should have been extra careful. I did read a few reviews that said lots of pins were necessary, but I didn't believe it at first.  After ripping the whole thing apart one and a half times, I've learned my lesson.  That voile is slippery.

But eventually I figured it out, I was a bit worried about the hand sewing, but it turned out really nice.

However its not getting much use.  Its just sooo big.  I did some searching and found I wasn't the only one that found it to be a bigger fit.  On Fresh Lemons she talks about making the scarf only 13" wide by 72" long for a thinner scarf that would be easier to manage.

This picture was from my #project365, and although it doesn't look so crazy here, its actually taking over my whole neck!

So I think I might end up taking this apart again with my seam ripper and cutting the width down.  I really love the fabric and I don't want this to be something that just sits in the closet looking pretty!

Either way, happy to have finished something so quickly in the new year!  Here's to a year of great sewing!

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