Monday, January 2, 2012

Oh how a year (or more) goes by!

Seriously, it's been over a year since I've made a blog post. Fail. There is no excuse for not keeping it up other then pure laziness. 

Anyways, its fine cause 2011 was kinda crappy, and I'm glad its over. It was a ruff year.  

Here's hoping 2012 brings more happiness and fulfillment then 2011.  

I think it's only fair (mostly for myself) to sum up 2011. I'll refrain from posting crap about work, since that is still a daily occurrence that even I don't want to hear about anymore. 

I'm sure this will be long, but after a year I suppose its alright.  Let's hope I can keep up a bit more regularly after this.  Its a goal, but not a resolution, cause lets face it who keeps up with them. 

January 2011
- Spent New Years in Sault Ste Marie for Amanda & Drew's Wedding

February 2011
- Amanda & Tim got married! Spent a (short) but great night celebrating 
- Ski Weekend up north with the KW Crew where I skied more then Paul since his gout was really bad that weekend :(
- Helped say good bye to a Friend's dad who passed away suddenly
- Reached an impressive 7 years at Zenith

March 2011
- Turned 30 and was not happy about it. I'm over it now since i'll be 31 in less then 3 months

April 2011
- Watched ourselves on TV for the first time! 
- Totally wiped out running for the train on front street, screwing up my knee for months
- Bought a new sewing machine that does fancy stuff :)
- Hosted Easter dinner at our place for the Cronin/ Moore Family

May 2011
- Celebrated a special Mothers day brunch at my sisters with the Campbell Family mom's
- Celebrated Krista's upcoming nuptials by showering her with love and gifts in Stroud
- Spent the first long weekend of the summer at home since the trailer was leaking gas
- Supported a friend as she said goodbye to her grandma
- Finished my first quilt of the year (baby quilt for baby Elise)

June 2011
- Said goodbye to my aunt who was and always will be a fighter
- Celebrated owning our house for a whole year

July 2011
- Spent Canada Day up north and celebrated Grandpa Moore's 80th b-day & had Family pictures taken
- Scott & Krista got married! Spent a great weekend in Barrie with family
- Made a cute little bag for the wedding to match my dress
- Went to advanced screening of the last Harry Potter movie - sad to see it end :(
- Went Garden touring with Mom and helped my cousins with a garage sale
- Became obsessed with pinterest

August 2011
- Spent the Civic weekend in Michigan visiting Uncle Barry
- Said goodbye to my Papa Lavender who was a truly great man 
- Finished my second quilt of the year for Alicia & Chad's big day
- Made a great bag for the wedding - favourite clutch bag I've made yet
- Alicia & Chad got married on a beautiful day (and Pauly's b-day)
- Celebrated our nephew Rhett's first birthday! 
- Celebrated and showered Steph & Steve and their upcoming little boy!
- Watched two of my closest friends at work leave for good reasons and was sad to not be going with them

September 2011
- Celebrated and bid farewell to friends moving to San Francisco 
- Tried canning again - 9 jars of salsa and 9 jars of tomato sauce to last through the winter
- Registered and started drivers training 3 years after getting my G1 and 14 years after I could have gotten my licence 

October 2011
- Welcomed my 2nd substitute nephew!  Benjamin Cook on October 2nd
- Started in-car drivers lessons
- Went to 3 thanksgiving dinners in one weekend
- Worked on my very first mug rug for a birthday gift, and made a kick ass kids car mat for my 1st substitute nephew
- Took a whole week off work at the same time and spent it with friends 

November 2011 
- Celebrated 5 years with Paul - sometimes he's the best
- Spent a lot of time at work
- Went black Friday shopping in Erie PA with my cousins and spent lots of money
- Drove on the 401 for the first time

December 2011
- Was busy and away from our place for every weekend 
- Became obsessed with the Party Rock Anthem song
- Went to my work Christmas Party and then Paul's work Christmas Party the next night in heels both nights and thought my feet were going to fall off
- Finished 5 sewing Birthday/Christmas gifts (3 pillows, 1 apron, 1 quilt)
- Went to 5 family Christmas and was total spoiled with gifts

My Year in Review - Slightly out of order 
Okay so it was a busier year then I thought.  A lot of up's and downs.  4 Funerals, 3 Weddings and we welcomed several new babies to our circle of friends. 

I didn't sew nearly as much as I would have liked too, but I still finished a lot of really great projects that I was super proud of. 

Okay I think that's a good start to the new year, even if it took me so long to write that i'm now posting at 2:20 in the morning on the 2nd of January. Oh well, better late then never?