Sunday, February 5, 2012

My Day in Photos

Last Saturday I decided to participate in this photo challenge from Fat mum slim: Your day in photos.

It was a good day to take part cause unlike the last few weekends, I actually had (what I thought) were exciting plans! A knitting Party!

One of my best friends moved away about 4 (or maybe even 5 now) years ago, and I don't get to see her near as often as I would like. But last weekend she came down for a visit since her sister was hosting a knitting party.

So here it is, my day in photos, 1 picture for every hour I was awake.

10am - reading the weekly flyer's
11am - Cinnamon buns for breakfast/ brunch
12pm - Got distracted and played some gardens of time on facebook
1pm - Time to get ready - relaxing bubble bath
2pm - Picking out some yarn and patterns for a potential new project
3pm - Running late but on our way
4pm -Knitting Party/ Pot luck spread - yum
5pm - We hadn't even starting knitting yet - but Amanda shows off her latest project (a super cute baby dress)
6pm - We are finally knitting - trying to finish up a project that was started 3 years ago
7pm - Still knitting away
8pm - my view of some of the other knitters
9pm - College Friends
10pm - when knitting goes wrong.  This is actually a giant knit mitt - but its so big, it kinda looks like a shark.
11pm - Norman doesn't want to knit, but uses Manda's needles for some impromptu drumming
12am - Streetcar ride down to Queen and Broadview to meet Pauly to get home.

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