Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Day 112 (yup, i'm getting lazy)

Okay, So Since day 101 I haven't exactly been keeping up, but then again the blog was titled 101 days - so I don't feel so guilty!

That being said, I think I'll change the name to 101+some days of nothing. Either that, or I've been contemplating changing my blog to a "mostly" craft blog and changing its name to "The Curious Crafter" this is the name i go by on twitter and Etsy and think if I was to start selling any of my creations I'd go by this name. Although I need to put some more thoughts against that before I make the actual change.

So what's happened since the 19th. Not much, back to work. Ho hum. Last week was not a great week, Aaron didn't leave any lists/ notes/ updates from when I was off, and he was gone all week on Jury Duty. Several big things came up and Kim and I struggled to deal with them and get things done. It was frustrating. I had my second appointment with Shirin and i'm very happy with the way things are going, Wednesday was a frustrating day and I walked out of her office a few hours later, feeling like things were going to be better in the future.

Knit group on Thursday - they changed the seating areas in the Timothys it was weird, but they have these benches now and I think as long as someone is there early we might be in a better spot to get more people sitting together. Friday I veg'd out alone since Paul went for dinner in KW with the crew. I was going to do some sewing, but I just watched TV and chatted with Chrissy instead.

Saturday was Stacey & Nick's wedding and what a beautiful day it was. Great weather, great ceremony, good food - and they looked so happy.

Sunday we did nothing - cleaned up and did some grocery shopping. Nice weekend. And very much looking forward to this weekend, so we can do a bit of nothing again. I totally am living for the weekends. That and another week off. Only 62 days till Vegas!

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