Sunday, December 6, 2009

Crafting Catch Up

Alrighty, here we go - weeks of crafty goodness rolled up into one giant post!

Okay, so 3 weeks ago pauly and I took a week off (oh how i love holidays)  We started our holiday heading to Michigan to visit with paul's uncle.  We car pooled with his brother and sister in law - we had a great 3 days filled of mostly shopping! Got some great deals, and spent over an hour in Joanne's Fabrics - it was wonderful.

Once we got home, I had many crafty projects I wanted to work on.  #1 on the list though was a quilt for Dave and Erin's Wedding for November 21st.  Problem, we were away Monday and Tuesday, which left me 3 days to finish.   Good thing I do my best work under pressure and under deadlines.

I took pictures as I went along, and created this mosaic to showcase.   From piecing to pinning, to quilting to binding and the whole thing in a very clean living room.

I was so happy with the finished project - definitely one of my best.  I kinda didn't want to give it away. Luckly i'm working on one two for myself. :) And Dave and Erin loved it (I kinda made them open it before we left the wedding, cause I really wanted to see their reaction - I think they really liked it)

Do you wanna see the ones for me? I'll just assume you are saying yes.

This is going to be a lap quilt for cuddling on the couch.  I bought it as a kit last year at the creative festival - it was called mint chocolate chip.  The back is this velor-like green with brown polkadot fabric.
And this is my Christmas quilt.  I never thought I'd make a holiday quilt - I thought its a lot of time and effort for something that's only out on display for a few weeks, maybe months.  But this was just too easy, one big panel and two boarders.  I've been hung up all week on how to actually quilt it, tomorrow night I'm going to pin it and then just go with  the flow.  I have a few ideas, I think it will come to how I'm feeling at the moment. And to be honest, whatever is fastest, cause I really want to start using it this week!

Okay, on top of these 3 quilts, I made mom a quick little santa for her birthday (we had a surprise party for her last weekend) It was really quilt project - another kit from the creative festival - I really just glued all the pieces onto a wooden brush.

I also spent last Friday and Saturday baking cakes for the party.  It was not as pretty as I had hoped, and paul did the detail work, but it was yummy.

I've also been sewing Christmas gifts, which will remain a secret until i'm finished/ they are given, as you never know who is reading your secrets. ;o)

I think that brings us up to speed. It's been a busy weekend, shopping on Friday, 2 year olds birthday and hanging out with good friends on Saturday.  Slow cooker chili, brunch with my parents, finished up almost all of my Christmas shopping, baked 4 dozen cookies (okay i actually only baked 2 dozen, but the other 2 dozen are in the fridge, ready to be baked this week), did 2 loads of laundry, and I'm wrapping up the night watch my favourite sunday night shows (and oh what a GOOD night of TV) and blogging a massive post.

I think its time to shower and go to bed!

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