Sunday, November 21, 2010

52:40 - 52:47

Okay, one update, all the pics. 
52:40 - Steph & Steve's Wedding

52:41 - Okay so this picture was actually taken during wk 40 at Steph & Steve's reception - however I missed wk 41 so this will have to do!

52:42 - Sam's 30th B-day Party, picture of all his cousins that were at the party from both sides of his family
Currently I have no picture for week 43.  However there was a picture taken of me (and the girls) at the boys hockey game that week, its just on Papa's camera - so hoping I can get a copy and upload.  Until then i'm a week short for this year.

52:44 - Halloween Party, I was a owl with my cute homemade costume

52:45 - Mark, Lisa & Rhett come to see the house and share some cuddles

52:46 - On the way home Friday Night, long week rainy weather.

52:47 - Again Friday Night, trying to figure out some sewing ideas in the craft room.


  1. hooray!!
    your hair was really cute at steph's wedding :)
    oh, and week 46's pic just screams "get me home, i've had a rough week :S" :P

  2. Thanks! Ya, Amanda did my hair for the wedding there was so much spray and gel in there, it looked the same the next day! ha ha

    An week 46 was definitely a bad picture! I definitely think that pretty much sums it up! Sometimes the the last few station stops seem like the longest ride ever!

    Ps - i've been writing a super long post in word for the last few nights, expect some more recent updates hopefully in the coming days!

  3. Loved your Halloween costume!!

    I do not have enough discipline to take photos of myself like that....