Friday, November 26, 2010

Catching Up

Okay its 12:20 in the morning, and I’ve been sewing since 8:30 tonight, but I’m determined to get a blog post in today!

So here is my Blog Catch up.  Truth is I’ve been writing in this on my desktop since Saturday.  It’s been too long since I’ve made a real post and I need to get back to reality and back to blogging.  As a good friend said, “I’ve been a bad blogger” and it’s true I don’t even have an excuse for it.

What have I been doing since the summer you ask? Since unfortunately that was my last “regular” update.  Even if you’re not asking, I’m going to re-cap for you. (‘cause let’s face it a four month detailed update could take a while!)

Well I’ve been up to lots and yet, a lot of nothing. 

It’s been a bit crazy since we’ve moved. We settled in quite quickly since we had visitors for the first three or four weekends.  But it didn’t really start to feel like “home” until after the first month or so.  It just felt weird at first like we were visiting but that’s long gone and it’s our home now and it feels pretty darn good!  Even though there is always something to be done, it’s nice to know that you’re coming home to something that is truly yours.

Our house

We jumped right into summer and as usual we had a bunch of weddings that kept us pretty busy.  We also had a steady stream of visitors to the house for a while. I just checked back to my day planner and we actually had something on the go every weekend for 8 consecutive weekends from the first weekend we moved.  That will wear anyone out in my opinion!  

Sarah & Gary's Wedding - August 2010
Because we constantly busy I felt like all we were ever doing was cleaning! We’ve been learning that with a house with 2 extra bathrooms and a lot more space than we’ve ever had takes a lot more to up keep.  Not that I mind it one bit, it’s just taken a few months to get the hang of how to keep things an acceptable “tidy” level.  It’s also a battle sometimes who is doing what and where does this go and where do we keep whatever it is the other person is looking for.

I still don’t have decent pictures of the house with our stuff in it.  Project for this weekend I guess.  We are having all of Paul’s KW crew over on Saturday for a house warming, so more cleaning and then I’ll take some pics to post.  I will also give me a chance to show off some of our Christmas decor.

Okay, its late and I need to try and get some sleep.  But I’m going to make a list here of updates that are coming – hopefully keep me on task , I mean after all I am a list maker and a good list always puts me in the right direction. (I just don’t always get to the end!)

Blog Topics to Come:
Summer Garage Sale Finds
Canning Tomatoes & Pickles
Our nephew Rhett
Paul’s trip out west and is surprise gift home 
Steph & Steve's Wedding
Sewing Show Loot
Sewing Round up from May till November (seriously this is supposed to be a craft blog, and I haven’t actually blogged about crafting since MAY!?! You can officially stop following me for this reason alone, although, I swear it’s going to get better!)


  1. Just promise to show more of your home too!!

  2. Definitely! We are doing a mass clean today in which i'm even moving the fridge to clean under it! (although I don't think that will require a photo! ha)

    But nice photos of each room are on my list!