Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Our House - The Tour

Okay, its about time I posted pic's of our house.  I finally feel like its a place where its acceptable to show you all!  Although there is still a lot of improvements that we will be working on in the coming years I'm sure!

Shall we take a little tour?

Let's start a the beginning. Here is our entrance way.  Our whole house is open concept and I love that when you walk in you can see right into the kitchen and get a feel for the whole place.

Paul working away at the dinning room table, with our tiny Christmas tree in the corner. I have since replaced that tiny green evergreen wreath with a beautiful teal feather wreath.  Pictures to come.

On the first floor is our dinning room.  This second picture makes our hutch look so small and makes this space seem sooo empty, but I swear its not that bad.  Although it could probably use something above it.

This is our living room - originally this couch looked tiny in the space, but I think its great now allows for a great entertaining space.

Kitchen space - I love the breakfast bar, there is no need for just the two of us to need a eat-in kitchen and a "formal" dinning space.  This allows the best of both worlds. 
Powder Room on the Main Floor/ Landing to the basement
Stairway to upstairs with our fire escape pictures from Ikea!
2nd Floor! 

Main/ Guest Bath on 2nd Floor.  There is more storage in this bathroom alone then our whole last apartment's bathroom!
2nd Floor hallway

Spare Room/ paul's future office

2nd Floor Laundry - Can I tell you what a difference it makes having your OWN washer and dryer.  And how convenient it is have it outside your bedroom!  I like having the freedom to wash things whenever I want/ need.

My work-in-progress The Craft Room!!! With Bonus sneak peak at my Tree Skirt.

And Last but not least, one of my favourite rooms in our house - our bedroom!  I love the colour we ended up painting it.  The purple just wasn't for us.  But this grey is so calming and so cozy.  We got a new duvet last christmas and I purposely "saved" it and didn't open/ use it until we got the house - it was awesome cause when we moved it felt like we had all new stuff.
I know, we desperately need some art/ headboard.  I'm working on it.

We are also getting a new dresser to replace the short one.  I think its pretty, however its really broken on the inside and is not really holding clothes inside it anymore!

Walk in!

And cute bonus picture of my new "winter" bathroom accent towels!

So that's our place.  And if you want a real "live" version and haven't been to visit, you'll have to wait until April (in Canada) to see us when our episode of "Property Virgins" airs on HGTV.  Don't worry i'll give as much notice as I get so you can set your PVR's to laugh for the full half hour we are on!!   If you live in the states and missed the first 3 airings already, never fear, we are going to be part of their Christmas Marathon I believe on December 23rd!

The great thing about the episode, (which by the way i'm DYING to see) is that when we saw this house during the show it was really the first time we were seeing the house.  We never saw a listing or picture before hand, so all our my reactions are the real deal.

And in case your visiting and have never met me in person before, yes I really get that excited!

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