Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Stressed and starting to panic.

There are only 10 days till Christmas. 

I said I would limit the number of handmade gifts that I made this year, in order to limit my frustration and stress levels in the pending weeks prior to Christmas.  Therefore only make 3 “gifts” for Christmas 2010, but then my aunts and cousins wanted some pillows to remember my late uncle, and there was really no way to say no to that, and then they asked “could they be ready by Christmas” and of course I couldn’t say no, instead I said “Sure, no problem”.  So that brings the handmade project list to 6 things by Christmas.

Do you want to know how many are started?


Do you want to know realistically how many days I have to sew 6 things (3 of which are new projects that I’ve never made before and there are bound to be some kind of issues).  Two days.

In all reality two full days (a weekend to be exact) should be plenty of time to finish my pending list of doom.  However we all know how I’ve been this year and procrastination has become my fault (although still second to complaining about

I’m going to need to buckle down. Focus. And get things done. Anyone want to make a bet?

Okay, i’m off to shower.  I can’t decide if i’m going to go to the staff party tomorrow night and if I am what am I going to wear?  I bought a new outfit tonight, and just not happy with any of it.  Top/ Skirt or shoes.  I think they are all going back to the stores they came from.   Why does dressing up have to be so darn hard!

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