Sunday, May 30, 2010


... wishing it wasn't sunday evening at 8pm.
... so excited that in 22 days we get our house!
... thinking it was a great weekend in the sun up north with good friends and family.
... excited to move up to the 5th floor at work this week, to my own office!
... very nervous that in 22 days we get our house :S
... thinking that sitting in the sun all day without sun screen might not have been the smartest idea - however not nearly as red as I thought i'd be.
... hoping this week goes better then last week and that things at work start to become "normal" again.
... just finished cutting out the pattern pieces (on paper) for my school house tunic
... really hoping that the size I cut out for the tunic is the right one :S
... thinking of things we NEED to get for the new house, and things we just WANT for the new house.
... thinking how busy we are this summer.  (4 weddings, 1 anniversary party, 1 birthday party, 1 new house move, several "housewarming parties")
... thinking that we didn't have dinner tonight, but still full from the BBQ this afternoon!


  1. keep in mind that "people" that get engaged get to sign up for registries for lots of cool stuff that they'll get at their wedding....

    just saying....


  2. Ba ha ha ha

    Tell me about it! I told paul I really just want to get married so I can get a kitchen aid mixer.