Friday, May 21, 2010

Our House, the inside.

Okay, now that everything is truly official I can post some pictures of what in exactly one month today will be very much our new home!!!

Instead of posting all the pictures individually I've made a mosiac from here.  This first one is a view of our first floor.

1. Entry Way, 2. Dining Room, 3. Kitchen, 4. Kitchen other angle,
5. Living Room, 6. View of Dining Room from Living Room, 7. Backyard, 8. Other side of backyard

The Second Floor

1. Upstairs Main Bath, 2. Other side of main bath, 3. Hallway, 4. Spare Bedroom, 5. Master Bedroom
6. Master Walkin closet, 7. Master bath, 8. Spare Room/ Future Sewing Room, 9. Hallway looking downstairs, 10. Powder Room on Main floor heading to basement.

There is also a Second Floor Laundry room that I forgot to take a picture of, but very much looking forward to it! Its hidden around the corner from what will be my sewing room.


1. Top of Stairs leading to the basement aka broom storage, 2. Storage Space under the steps
3. Unfinished basement space/ furnace/ wash tub, 4. Other half of basement to become Paul's man cave in the future.

So that's it. :)  What do you think?  Its only 3 years old and everything is in very good condition.  The only improvements we plan on making right away is some paint in the upstairs master bedroom and the room that is going to be my sewing room. 

We've chosen a green/grey theme for our bedroom but i'm still stumped on my sewing space.  I think I want it to be fairly neutral so that I can really see my fabric for what it is, but then again I want it to be a fun space.  Any thoughts ?!?


  1. omg...that's totally your house. you know that means that you're becoming more of a grown up right? :)
    as for the craft room, i agree with a neutral for the walls...what about wall decals? some of them can be pricy, but there are lots out there to choose from!

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  3. You know what i was totally thinking of decals! I've found some great ones on etsy. I'm also going to frame some of my favourite fabrics in frames and embroidery hoops and put them on the walls.
    As a little collection! Like this:

    Can't wait to show everyone!

  4. oooh, that would be cute! i love when you see a good fabric and you think "i wish i could have this fabric forever" you can!!