Monday, May 10, 2010

March & April Crafty Review

Okay due to all the craziness March wasn't very crafty.  But April definitely made up for it! 

Finished projects included: 
Birthday Tie for Jesse
Baby Blanket for Mary-Ann & Jordan - Pink, Grey and Green on the front and soft minky on the back.

Matching Bib for Mary-Ann & Jordan's new little girl - who is yet to make her appearance!
Pinafore for Edith's first Birthday - Front view
Pinafore for Edie - Back View.  It's still miles to big for her, but she'll grow into it.
This receiving blanket, that still hasn't been gifted yet.
And this cute clutch that I made to take to Sarah & Gary's buck and doe.  I totally screwed up the inside but outside looks good.

 I also worked on my wild things quilt a bit, and have coming up with new projects, re-determining projects for weddings and babies that still a few months away.  Between searching for the new house, taping for the show, and work, I need to get my sewing butt into gear over the next few months if I want to be anywhere close to finished.  Wish me luck.

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