Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Busy Busy Weekend

So busy that I'm posting about it on Tuesday.

I can't remember a weekend where we've tried to fit so much and still felt good on Sunday night, probably because we had yesterday (Monday) off. I suppose it could have also been that we took possession of the house yesterday and the excitement was just too much for us to actually be tired.

Busy weekend started Friday Night with a trip to IKEA for midnight madness.  It was madness.

The lines were crazy, this was taken at ten to twelve.  But we got some good deals that made it worth while for us, which made me glad we went.

Saturday we went to the lawyers office first thing in the morning to sign all the paperwork for the house and get it out of the way. We made a quick stop to Zellers and Kitchen Stuff Plus to pick up a few more things, then home for packing.  There was lots and lots of packing and re-organizing.  And sadly it still looks like we've barely packed a thing!

Saturday night we went to the Science Center with Scott & Krista to check out the Harry Potter exhibit - it was great.  We ended the night at the Mongolia Grill for a great dinner.

On Sunday, we did more packing, grocery shopping, we both took a long nap in the afternoon (we were wiped). Our plans were canceled for dinner, so we had hot dogs and went to see a late movie. Shrek The finale chapter.  It was great. 

Yesterday was the big day.  Lunch with Dave & Erin at their place, it was so great to just sit and relax in the sun and chill out.  Then we got the call that the keys were ready! So we went home loaded up the car, and headed out.  It was so exciting.  

We made another trip to home depot to get paint and other stuff.   By the time we came back to the city (had dinner at Montana's) and went to 2 more Home Depot's looking for the BBQ we wanted, I was exhausted. 

What a weekend! 


  1. If you can survive Ikea at midnight I guess you can handle anything!

  2. Congratulations on your new house! Sounds like a great weekend!

  3. wow...busy weekend!! soon you'll be settled into your house and all you'll be able to do is just *sigh*. it'll be soooo worth it!! :)