Sunday, June 6, 2010

May Crafty Review

Okay, so even though it was right at the end of the month I still ended up getting sewing done in May. 

We went up to Paul's grandma and grandpa's the last weekend in May because Uncle Barry was up for the Memorial day weekend. He wanted some new curtains for the trailer and a doggy bed cover for Rockets bed.

I wasn't really sure how to do the curtains originally because, the windows/wall are slanted in the area that we wanted new curtains for.  We ended up deciding to use velcro on the wall and curtains and basically just make a big rectangle.  Then its easy to put up and easy to get down.  The velcro wasn't really sticking to the metal in the trailer, although it was very humid, but I think a little super glue and it will be fine.

I had a ruff idea on how to make the doggie bed cover.  There was a basic pattern in one of my sewing magazines.  Grandma and I made a circle pattern and basically just had two big circles and a long rectangle for the middle.  The back has a flat piece, similar to a pillow sham so the bed can just slide in and out. We saw them again this weekend (for Aunt Shirley & Uncle John's Anniversary Party) and Rocket seems to be very happy with his bed.

June is going to be a good sewing month too.  Even though we are getting the house and suppose to be packing up, I've already finished two projects!  I'll wait and post at the end of the month, cause who knows what else I might be able to finish!

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