Tuesday, June 8, 2010


...dreaming of a new sewing machine after reading this post.
...waiting for dinner to be done (the bf is making taco's)
...thinking the week might get worse before it gets better (in work related areas)
...bumbed that mom isn't coming down anymore to help pack.  1. because she has to have surgery :S and 2. because it means I actually have to start packing myself.
...contemplating all the packing that actually needs to be done. blah.
...wondering what that cocktail was made of at the Flare party tonight - it was very yummy. 
...hoping that we can see our house on Thursday while we are in town
...thinking of what has to be done before we move and what can just wait. (ie. need house insurance immediately and need to schedule movers, everything else can wait)
...hoping that once we move my life will settle down a bit (or at least feel like its settled a bit)
...wondering if I should sort and reduce things we don't really need as we move, or just move everything and deal with it there.

oh so many things on my mind and so little time.

1 comment:

  1. ...i think i may need to get a sewing machine too, and learn to hem pants for todd.
    ...i'm hungry.
    ...hope you're mom's ok!!
    ...packing sucks.
    ...you should've asked what was in it!
    ...i hear that if you buy beer, people love helping you move. a bbq helps too. or pizza.
    ...your life will FEEL like it has settled down, you'll have some sort of new peace, and it'll feel weird.
    ...reduce now!! don't move what you don't have to! if you don't do it now you'll have boxes in closets and in your basement forever, wondering WHY they're there (if you want an example of this, come to my place)

    do you feel more grown up that you have a house? lol