Saturday, June 26, 2010

So much to do and so little time

I feel like i'm running around in circles.  And yet instead of doing things that really need to get done, i'm updating with a quick post.  Hoping that if I get my thoughts on down, perhaps I'll feel more calm. (likely not)

We are moving in 16 days!! In those 16 days I need to finish packing up our life.  We still have the entire Kitchen to pack, the bedroom, the last bit of my craft room, the rest of the living room and the bathroom.

Basically bits of every room have been started, but nothing is fully done. I can't wait until its all done and we are there. I'm so glad that at this point I don't have an "un-packing" deadline.

Although in the next half hour I still need to:
  • finish eating lunch
  • pack my stuff for a night at michelles
  • get dressed in real clothes
  • tidy the kitchen

Okay. Must. Go. Finish.

ps: I'm excited that Michelle and I (and some of  her neighbor friends) might go to Demetres tonight for cake and ice cream!  That's probably exactly what I need!

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